• DesignThinking workshops in Barcelona

    I’ll be running 3 workshops in Barcelona in May in collaboration with Design Thinkers Spain in their InnovationKitchen! Design of Policy – May 5th What could government learn from design or design thinking? How do you empathize with the civilians you are working for? What are today’s challenges working as a policy maker or civil… Continue Reading

  • Peruvian cleanse or Dutch designed food?

    I promised my buddy Chris Miller to write something about my diarrhea in Peru when I visited him last month in the Sacred Valley in Peru. It started of as a little joke, but as I was thinking about what I could write about it. There kind of developed a little story. As a lot… Continue Reading

  • 2# Re-design your life! Road to recovery.

    The previous blog about Re-design your life, I started with the fact that post-its where the start of my recovery. So let me explain how. From sessions with my psychologist I quickly understood what I had to work on. There where three main issues; Finding my authenticity back, accepting my insecurities & learn to deal… Continue Reading

  • Systems Thinking & Grassroots Acting

    One of the more popular lines of the late years is “Think global, Act local” but what does that actually mean? As designers nowadays we focus more and more on systems thinking. Thinking of complex big issues and try to translate them into tangible actions. When working with governments or universities, this often has problems… Continue Reading