The Why.

Why start this blog page?

2015 hit me hard in my face with a severe burn out, which forced me to go all the way back to my inner self. I experienced a year of letting go of my old life the hard way and rediscovering my original life also the hard way. It was a painful, but as I understand now a necessary journey. I approached my burn out as a designer. And I tried to basically use my skills and mindset as a designer to re-design my life and design my way out of the burn out.

As re-designing my life and (re-)discovering what is really important to me personally marked 2015. The coming year 2016 will be dedicated to re-designing and (re-)discovering the designer in me. I did do quiet a lot of designing as part of my recovery in the second part of 2015 and I already learned a lot again about Jeroen the designer. But for a big part my recovery process from the burn-out lead that. Now it’s time for my actions not to be lead by my burn-out but by myself.

This page will not be a portfolio of my designs, nor will this be a blog about my burnout. It is a blog page were I tell stories about the design adventures I have along the way. Sometimes I’ll share insights I had during the period of re-designing my life as that is now an integrated part of my personal life and my designer life.

This last year I discovered that Design, Learn, Share & Love are keywords in my work and probably also in my personal life. Design for me is always a learning journey. Sometimes a journey on my own, but most of the time it is a shared journey where I design with other people and we learn together while we go on that ride. I like to share my stories and my learnings with others because of the love for people. This is also why I started this blog, to share my learnings from my design adventures. I hope you will enjoy the reading of my page and blogs.



Author: Jeroen
Featured image: Dennis Cup


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