DesignThinking workshops in Barcelona

I’ll be running 3 workshops in Barcelona in May in collaboration with Design Thinkers Spain in their InnovationKitchen!

Design of Policy – May 5th

What could government learn from design or design thinking? How do you empathize with the civilians you are working for? What are today’s challenges working as a policy maker or civil servant? All questions we will be working on during the Design Thinking in Policy workshop. We will look at the local and global context to see opportunities and we together in Co-design design strategies to exploit these opportunities. We will see what are important values in current times to connect them to more relevant solutions in todays society. And which (small) step could you make using Design Thinking to change the way you work as a policy maker a little bit. I will share my experience of co-design in a governmental setting in the Netherlands.

When you are interested, you can sign in on the link below.

Designthinking in Education – May 9th

Education is changing quickly around the globe. The rapid development of new techniques and a more demanding modern student is asking for a change in the way universities offer learning experience to there students. How do you create a more student centered learning experience for both the student and the educator and what are the consequences for the organization? And what is the role of design thinking in that? We will use Design Thinking tools and attitude to answer these questions. You will experience the basics of Design Thinking and how to use them in your education in this workshop. I will show several case studies about the use of design thinking in education I have participated in.

When you are interested, you can sign in on the link below.

(Re)designing your working life – May 12th

Blake Mycsokie founder of TOMS recently explained the importance of WHY you do what you in his Harvard Business Review article. Knowing the WHY of things doesn’t solely apply to companies, but in this network era it is just as important to know your personal and professional Why. This helps you find purpose in your work and in your personal life. During this workshop you will work on creating your personal vision and how to get there while using Design Thinking tools and attitude. What life experiments can you design that help you live the way you envision life. Working on your vision is not time boxed in a 4 hour exercise. It takes more time but I will show you and have you experience how to get there.

When you are interested, you can sign in on the link below.

I am looking forward to see you in Barcelona!

Author: Jeroen Spoelstra
Featured image: Marieke van Dijk


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