About me

I am a passionate designer focusing on bringing people forward using human centered design. You could call what I do Social Design, but nowadays there are hundreds of different design names. So for me I am a designer and try to be humble to the world. I like solving issues together with other people in co-design.

I find inspiration in my other passions mountain biking and traveling. I use sports, traveling and being outside to get inspired for my work as a designer. Besides designing I give keynotes and facilitate design(thinking) workshops. Design to me has shifted from making beautiful products to creating meaningful and real solutions/ approaches that can make a difference. The Design profession shouldn’t solely be reserved for the designer (in developed world), but for everyone! I design for impact and help people bring out their little designer in himself or herself. I am not saying everyone should become a designer, but I do think people can use a little bit of design to help themselves forward in their personal/ professional life.

As every designer next to working with all sorts of people, I really like to sit behind my Mac at my desk and fittle with Illustrator, IMovie or go to my workshop and play with materials for making prototypes. For me design and the skills & mindset that come with it are valuable means to tackle today’s challenges and seize all the opportunities these challenges create.

I like to work in an international context. People from all over the world I work with, inspire me constantly and give me the energy to carry on and challenge my empathy. Empathy is probably one of the most important drivers of my work, both in doing my work as in the outcomes of the designs. It is a multi sensory journey in that sense.



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