Looking for a creative journey?

“We will design your journey together based on your needs.”

Do you want to unleash the creativity in your team? Are you looking for a new vision? Want to involve all your stakeholders in a new journey, to create more impact with the services or products you provide them? I am happy to help you with an Itinerary guiding you on new exciting journeys of change, full of experiments and unexpected outcomes.

I approach design(thinking) and innovation projects as journeys. When you have a starting point, question, issue or opportunity you want to take on, you are never sure about the exact outcomes. They aren’t a fixed point on the horizon, let the vision be your guide. The journey of making this vision come to life is not a straight line. Along the way, you meet new unexpected people, discover different insights or better solutions always learning from the things that went wrong. We can compare this situations to traveling. They both require empathy, adaptation and flexibility. Design(thinking) and innovation projects need the same. I would love to be that guide on these exciting journeys.

What do I offer?

I offer over ten years of design, design thinking and educational skills in an international environment; with both large and small organizations who seek innovation, creativity or to become more entrepreneurial. I offer 4 types of journeys. We will design your journey together based on you and your organizations needs.

The Educational Journeys
For who: Schools and Universities

Education and the demands of both students and companies are changing rapidly. How do you make your education future proof and relevant for todays and tomorrows education?

Me and when needed with creatives in my network, will guide you on the journey of your educational program. We use co-design and design thinking to define a new purposeful vision, re-design your curriculum, and design educational experiments and prototypes to see if all the designed elements work.

“Have students and teachers experience learning outside the building.”

The Empathic Journeys
For who: Gov, NGO’s and companies

We are living in a world where possibilities of technology and (big)data seem endless. But tech is just a mean. I believe innovation and impact eventually succeeds with humans. How do we deal with these quick changes in technology and in the outside world? How do we create purposeful impact? How to connect people either in your organization or in the outside world?

Let’s design that together, based on empathy using only the techniques that are most relevant for your goals. We use todays global and societal context to co-design your strategy, vision and roadmap filled with exciting experiments. I’ll design, coach and guide you with these experiments to make sure you know what does and what doesn’t work at the end of this interesting journey.

“Tech is cool but people are cooler!”

The Food Journeys
For who: Companies, NGO’s Gov and Universities focussing on food & agriculture

As society becomes more aware about what we grow and what we eat. The time for designing new food chains has arrived! If we want to secure the future of our food to following generations we need to change.

Together we will design a multi sensory journey that creates a more purposeful and honest product, giving a relevant message to tell the world.

“It is all about a fair taste of a fair produce!”

The Individual Roadtrip
For who: The ones that want to change their working life

Are you at a point in your working life when you need to rethink your next steps? Being it a new job, starting your own business or create a more balance work-personal life?

I’ll help your re-design your life. Together we will look at your life or work vision and we design life experiments according to that vision. We have design and coaching sessions together to help you get to your goals.

“I don’t guarantee happiness but more fulfilling it will be for sure.”

Interested in knowing more bout these journeys and how they could help your organisation? Send me an e-mail or more personal give me a call on +31616592842

Author: Jeroen Spoelstra
Featured image: Dennis Cup