My shorter journeys (projects)

Inholland Start Up Campus Haarlem (SUCH) (2016)

Frank ‘t Hart manager of the Business Studies programs from the Inholland University of Applied Sciences asked me to design a space and a program  in the Inholland location Haarlem where entrepreneurial students can work on there businesses next to there studies. Where students can explore and develop entrepreneurial skills. The space should facilitate multi disciplinary working between all the programs Inholland Haarlem offers. I needed to inspire the Creative, Business, Sports & Healthcare, Technology, Music & Entertainment and Educational programs to do more with entrepreneurship in their education.

The result is the Inholland Start Up Campus Haarlem. SUCH turned into the entrepreneurial hub of Inholland Haarlem where students, lecturers, businessmen and local government come together to set up business cases and work on entrepreneurial mindsets. SUCH is working with various stakeholders to meet the challenges of our time to start compelling companies / startups that give students the opportunity to experiment with entrepreneurship, learn form each other and facilitate a network.

From a personal and design perspective, SUCH is a social lab that not only gives students the space to develop entrepreneurship, but also challenges teachers and managers to think differently about education as entrepreneurship is a learning by doing act and not something you learn from a book or an powerpoint presentation.

For the interior I worked with only local craftsmen & local entrepreneurs. The tables are made from local harvest trees by Nederlands Hout . They have a Circular Economy approach. The boards are made by social enterprise Woodwerk  and the cabinets are crafted by designer and woodworker Ron Boudrie. For the rest of the interior I recycled as much furniture from the university as possible. I wanted to make the Start Up Campus a  local project, where as many people as possible benefit.

Food Design & Design Thinking in Education (2015-2016) 
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences – Food & Dietetics Studies 

The manager of the Food & Dietetics Program asked to not only develop a food design layer on top of the existing minor program Food concepts for Europe, but simultaneously do a teach-the-teacher program about using design thinking in education.

This great opportunity turned out to be an amazing project for all people involved. The students got 6 design sessions where we used different specific designed tools to help them. They had to empathize with not only possible future customers but also with different ingredients of their intended concept by tasting sessions. As part of the process we had them cook and taste different prototypes of their food concepts. We ended with a Tasting Happening to celebrate the results! In 4 sessions the teachers experienced how they could use design thinking in education, as well as how they could adapt one or more design thinking principles to their personal preferences and skills.

Agri meets Design – Happy Harvest (2014-2015)

Agri Meets Design is an initiative from the Agriculture department of the Dutch Ministry of Economical Affairs. Together with fellow designer Marieke van Dijk we were asked to research the transformation of green education in the Netherlands.

We called the project Happy Harvest, as it was an harvesting study in brain-picking both (political) strategic thinkers, CEO’s of companies and universities in the first round and students & teachers from green education institutes in the second round. For the 1st round we developed an interview canvas based on the personal history and future vision (up to 2050) of the interviewee. The insights & results where presented in a measuring tape inspired by the measuring tape Le Modular from Le Corbusier.

For de 2nd research loop we developed a Google VR app with an app-developer. In a mobile workshop setting which we took to several schools and universities. We showed students & teachers different future scenarios of Agriculture via the Google VR and interviewed each individual about the future of their education and jobs in the Agricultural domain.

Studio Agri Meets Design (2015)

At the first Agri Meets Design projects designers went out into the country and report results back. Fellow designers Marcel Zwiers, Marieke van Dijk and I organized a temporary design studio in the Ministry of Economical Affairs building. Over 3 days we facilitated 12 Agricultural projects/ issues with over 50 policy makers. We wanted to show how you could look at policy issues from different angles using the design thinking process and the designers mindset. We presented the results of the 12 projects in a well-designed policy note for the state secretary.

Dienst Daan – CoDesign for though local policy issues (2015)

DienstDaan is a prototype of a service that is provided by 6 designers, authors, actors & project managers to help cities and villages to tackle social issues. With DienstDaan we work in Co-design. We brought civil servants, policy makers, citizens and entrepreneurs around a topic that affected them all. In one or two co-design session we developed different strategies that could solve the issue and created new opportunities. After that we designed a series of experiments to test these strategies or opportunities. We did this in Coevorden (depopulation), Haarlem (maker industry) and with the VNG (social sports topics).

Hackmaster – Future Health Hackweek in Berlin (2015)

Hackmasters is a London based start-up that among other things organizes Hackweeks all over Europe. They craft the future by creating new products & services. They only work with the 1% best people they think can fix the job for a certain Hackweek. I was fortunate to be asked for a Healthcare.

Hackweek in Berlin: The main question we worked on with 30 people from 12 countries was: “What are the future technologies, wearables & apps that help people prevent negative health choices, change unhealthy habits and maintain positive habits”

In my team, a producer, a 3D motion graphic designer ,IT people and  I were responsible for the concept-development, making sure the concept was valid. The intensity of a week of hacking in a almost surreal environment is something I really enjoyed. Sometimes if the pressure is really on something the results are amazing. Especially with so many talented people around you, where you are allowed to think off and make future strategies & technologies that help bring people forward in life in the next couple of decades.


Dienst Daan – Co-design session