My network life

Just as I am depending on my network for work as a freelance designer and other people I work with are also depending on people in their network I decided to give the people I work with a place on this site. At the moment I like to work in different networks of people as it keeps me fresh. For now I share the people I have been working with in 2015 and will add new people when my network expands.

DennisCan you change the landscape of local news? Dennis Cup thinks he can! Dennis is a long term friend who left his marks in the grassroots street wear media industry and is currently using that knowledge to change the way local news works with Hearlemsbodem (dutch). He truly dares to be critical on social events in Haarlem and constantly experiments with new ways of bringing news. And besides that he is a very talented photographer and filmmaker. He is out their in the streets.

MadelonMadelon Eelderink to me is a true pioneer. She asked herself could I use active research the help world forward? Yes, her answer and she started her company 7senses to tackle social challenges i.a. in Uganda. Madelon co-creates solutions by using participatory active research. We share a similar sensorial approach from different backgrounds with a same goal. Want to know more about using (academic) active research in the social environment? Reach out to this lovely lady.


The last 3 months I had the honor to work with the inspiring Karianne Rygh. Karianne is a Norwegian designer/ design researcher who uses the ways of making and designing physical objects for doing research. The past months she showed me her thinking by doing and coaching Innovation students. For me it was a really nice learning journey, where we shared our vision and knowledge about design. When you are looking for a great designer and thinker contact Karianne.

WillemWillem Viets is the Dean of the Inholland International College at InHolland University of Applied Sciences. Together with Sandra he is the driving force behind IBIS. I got to know him as an inspiring peoples manager where equality between people is very important. For him there is no difference between students, lecturers and professionals. They are all equal. If you want to work with an inspiring bunch of international students and lectures contact him.


Rares Tatu from Romania is one of the most talented design interns I have worked with in recent years. As intern from Marieke van Dijk he developed himself as an critical thinking Designer. He combines a great working attitude, skill and strong thinking into his strong assits. Looking for a talented (service) designer? In the new year he will finish his bachelor degree in Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology Feel free to contact him.

MariekeMarieke van Dijk is a bless to work with. She is inimitable in her creative thinking, which she subsequently transforms in strong visual and physical output. She focusses on changing the status quo in government using co-design and design thinking. She is not afraid to use the latest tech and big data tools available. I have the honour to work with her in several different projects, one of them is Dienst Daan (dutch).

SaherSaher Sidhom his mantra with his start-up Hackmasters is: “Don’t pollute the world with more average shit” and I cannot agree more. His ability to bring the worlds best designers, coders and producers from all over the world together is mind-blowing. Experiencing a Hackmasters hackweek and working with such a bunch of talented people is something you won’t soon forget. Find a short impression in this video. When you are really good, he’ll find you!

SandraSandra Reeb-Gruber is a curriculum developer who is ahead of all the troops. But with her perseverance she is one of the few people I met that is truly able to innovate in education. Together with Willem she developed the International Business & Innovation Studies. Sandra has strong developed critical & lateral thinking skills, which really help her to guide the troops in the right direction. If you want to learn more about how to innovate in education give her a shout out!

PeggyPeggy Dieters-Cup is always smiling. With her positive energy she really makes connections between people. I met her as the projectmanager for Dienst Daan and she really makes it possible for us designers to flourish when we are in a co-design session, which is a really strong value. And she now starts to get the hang of designing things for herself. Which I can only encourage. Looking for a happy and talented projectmanager make sure you get in touch with Peggy.

MarcelMarcel Zwiers is co-owner of Service Design agency 31Volts in Utrecht. He recently declared himself Minister of Design in NL. With his company he designs beautiful approaches that fit their vision: “We design services that people love and organisations are proud of”. Marcel is a joy to work with. If you are struggling with your services and you are looking for a solution you can be proud of? Go and collaborate with Marcel and 31Volts.

JensJens Gijbels is design researcher and imagineer. I got to know this brilliant guy through the Co-design Minor program he facilitates at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. When you work with him you’ll be sure you get out of your comfort zone. He dares to tackle funerable issues in projects such as the Design for Death project and the Week of the Nightstand (dutch). This guy really is making a positive change in education with his design mindset. Check him out!

Anne MiekeAnne Mieke Eggenkamp is someone I recently met. We share a similar passion for design/ creativity and education which she clearly describes in her TEDtalk. Her entrepreneurial mind, her way of thinking on a meta level and the questions she asks are truly inspiring to me. This passionate woman is on a role to change the face of education with her positive energy, creativity and her smile. You’ll find her at the Springhouse in Amsterdam.