• Design for the next step (scaling up?)

    I have helped a lot of people start up their Social Enterprise or NGO, around the world since 2012. These where exiting times for those people, but what is their next step? I am happy to visit my friends at the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development again here in Peru. With their community led development… Continue Reading

  • 1# Re-design your life! Can you…..?

    I hated post-its in the beginning of my burn out, but these tiny yellow pieces of paper where the start of my recovery and I needed a lot of them! Before I start writing about my recovery I want to thank my family, friends, colleagues and all the other people I met along the way… Continue Reading

  • Oh the process

    “Just get to the concept and then build it! I hired you because you are part of the top 1%. I am not interested your process!” was what Saher Sidom said to our group of designers and hackers during a Hackmasters Hackweek last summer in Berlin when we were stuck in getting to a solution.… Continue Reading

  • Welcome to my network life

    Just as I am depending on my network for work as a freelance designer and other people I work with are also depending on people in their network I decided to give the people I work with a place on this site. At the moment I like to work in different networks of people as… Continue Reading

  • The Why.

    Why start this blog page? 2015 hit me hard in my face with a severe burn out, which forced me to go all the way back to my inner self. I experienced a year of letting go of my old life the hard way and rediscovering my original life also the hard way. It was… Continue Reading

  • A multi sensory journey

    It says –a multi sensory journey- below my name on the homepage. When you design you do not only do that with your thinking but a lot of it is with a (gut)feeling and your senses. Every design project or adventure I have done, I have always approached as a journey.  Most of the times… Continue Reading

  • Be humble

    A view months ago I had a guided tour at Rockstart, a start-up accelerator in Amsterdam. One of the start-ups that has a an office in the Rockstart building is Peerby. Peerby has an application that enables people to borrow the things they need from people in their neighborhood for free. At the time I… Continue Reading