My longer journeys (jobs & businesses)

2014 – 2016 International Business & Innovation Studies at InHolland University of Applied Sciences

Working with young people is truly inspiring for me and if they come from all over the world, it doubles the fun. IBIS is a bachelor study that opened its doors in September 2014. With a strong educational philosophy focusing on the self-development of the attending students it is an educational program that really does things differently in the Dutch educational landscape. I am really honored to have been part of the development of this program and nowadays I learn the students how to use design within the innovation process

This present journey learned and still learns me a lot about me as educator. I really discovered my strength as a coach and designer in the educational environment. Things like grading and teaching aren’t things I am fond of. I like to inspire students, coach them and go on learning journeys together with the students so we both learn from each other on an equal base.

2012 – 2015 Am I a Designer?

With Boukje Vastbinder I travelled the world to help individuals, companies and organizations to see the problems they face as opportunities to create a positive impact. We used design thinking and human centered innovation to serve different target groups that wanted to shake up the status quo. These were social enterprises, ngo’s, educational institutes, individuals and other designers within self-initiated projects.

This was an amazing journey that really opened my eyes to the world and learned me a lot about entrepreneurship.

2008 – 2014 Product Design bachelor program at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

In the early days of my design career I combined design with teaching young design students about design. During this period I discovered that I liked working with young and passionate people. Educating design forced me to really think about what I find important about design, what my design values are. During this period I shifted from designing products for a selling market to using design in a more meaningful way which was inspired by Tim Brown his Ted Talk “Designer – Think Big!” But foremost I truly learned that design is about looking and curiosity from fellow lecturer and one of the Netherlands’ design nestors Bas Pruyser. With his endless amount of energy and curiosity he was a great inspiration to me.

In hindsight this great journey made me realize the importance of design in me personally. It really sparked the designer in me thanks to the people I worked with and the freedom I got to develop myself.

2007 – 2011 ROAM Design

Together with Laurens Groskamp I created a sort of playground for design. We were young designers and we especially liked to have a lot of fun in what we did. Laurens being the more craftsman and me being the designer, we created some really fun projects that really did not makes us rich in terms of money, but I guess we felt rich in what we did and how we did it.

This was a journey of play. Where Laurens and I created a space for ourself to design and make whilst having lots of fun.

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